Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Something in common with everybody!

Straight Guy For David Archuleta reader Tino K writes:

"Every season I have something in common with somebody from American Idol!  My last name is Kelly, just like Kelly Clarkson.  I used to weigh over 500lbs like Ruben Studdard.  People often think I am gay, like Clay because I have a thing for purple polo shirts (I am straight though).  I am a delivery guy for a lumber supply store, so I am always carrying wood.  When it's on my shoulder, I'm under wood,  Just like Carrie Underwood.  See?  Oh there is more!  All of my body hair (except on my head) is gray like Taylor Hicks.  My favorite football team is the New York (world champs) Giants.  Jordan's dad played for my team!  

Tonight, I found out that I have something in common with David Archuleta (this straight guy's favorite!!!).  We both play the piano!!!!!  (see the attached photo for proof).  

So, this season, for the first time since season two, I have something in common with TWO contestants!!!  I play the piano like (my favorite) David Archuleta, and my middle name is Chikezie. 

Thanks for the site and a big thanks for giving a voice to all of the straight guys for David Archuleta.  Gotta go now.  I need to shine up my kicks.  I got a smudge of mud on the top of my right shoe today while dropping off some 2X4's to some smokin' babe who needed wood."

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