Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Ricky (says to David Archuleta) You're So Fine!!!

Straight guy for David Archuleta reader Ricky V. writes:

"He made it! He made it! He made it!! David Archuleta made it to the top 10!!!!!! Straight guys rejoice!!! Our boy is now...the MAN!!! Ryan was so F'n right! Get used to the babes screaming your name, because soon, it won't be just us straight guys screaming for ya!!! (in a totally straight way, like dude, you rock). Soon the chicks will be all up in that yo!

Don't think I'm telling you the truth?  S**t due, listen to this!  See the hottie in the picture I attached?  That's my woman.  Say it with me!  WUUUUU-MAN.  A few years ago, I was young and and having trouble meeting girls, but I made some changes!  

First, I got myself a dog!  Her name is Lucifer, and trust me, when we walk.  The hotties stare.  Second, I realized that I needed to start over with my look.  I trimmed my beard and cut off my dreads.  Then I went out and bought myself a pair of black leather boots.  I am not saying the boots did all the work, but the third night I wore my boots to karaoke night, I met my girl and lost my virginity to her on my velvet couch.  

Anyway, D.A., if you are reading this, it's all good in the hood brother!  Not only will you become the next American Idol, but you will be rollin with the hotties.   Love ya man, in a straight guy way!  Love this site to!!!  Hope the shoulder feels better SGFDA.  

One last night.  I have a bet with my girl.  If I win, I get sex every night for a week!  I think she looks like Clay Aiken when he auditioned.  She doesn't think she looks like Clay.  What do you think??  Comment!!!!  I wanna get some booty.

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