Thursday, March 13, 2008

Straight Guys Rejoice! Our David is safe!

I fell asleep last night and missed the elimination show on Idol.  When I woke up, I heard that David had been sent home.  My first reaction?   Crap!  I put all this time into this website and he's off the show!!!  When I found out that David Hernandez was the one to get the boot, I was THRILLED!!!   
Let's compare the two David's.  Hernandez, singer, male stripper, male lapdances, off American Idol.  Archuleta, singer, male, too young to get a lap dance, still on American Idol.  
It goes to show you that maybe morals do matter when it comes to what America wants in an Idol.  If you want to know what America wants in a lap dance, ask David Hernandez.  He's got some free time on his hands.

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Molly B said...

I am also glad Hernandez is GONE!! THANK GOD!!