Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Archuleta...DOGGY STYLE!!

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Mikey E, from Dallas, Texas writes:

"Last night I was at the final performance of American Idol and thought David Archuletta rocked the Nokia theatre!  That's why they moved the final from the Kodak Theatre to the Nokia Theatre!  The small Kodak theatrea couldn't hold all of the roaring David Archuleta maniacs who cheered him on to victory!!!!  

Anyway, I am at the hotel, and I see Paula Abdul.  She's hot.  I would totally do her.  Straight up and Doggy Style!

Speaking of dogs.  Check out this picture of David with this dog.  That puppy rocks.  It's more kick ass than any Rotty out there.  Anyway, David Archuleta will win!!!!

I haven't been this pumped since I nailed two chicks in the same month back in 1997.  Fist pumps for Coors Light!  Cheers D.A.  My American Idol.  When you turn 18, I'll take you to a strip club to look at jugs."

Monday, May 19, 2008

Anti-Straight Guy for David Archuleta writer Harlon P from Lexington, Kentucky writes:

"This site is BULLS**T!  All you are doing is promoting that no talent boy toy David Archuleta and not giving any love to Mr. Electricity, David Cook!

On behalf of the other fans of David Cook, I say Go F**K  yourself Straight Guys for David Archuleta!  

I planned on being in Los Angeles to protest the show, but I got into a fight in the bathroom at my church and now I need some dental work before I can do any type of traveling or protesting!   God Bless American, but not American Idol!!! 

The Babies Are Almost Here!!!!

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Nat M, from Bound Brook, New Jersey writes:

"As a straight guy who is a huge fan of David Archuleta and America's favorite pet (in the small creature family), I want to make an offer to David Archuleta!  

After you finish up with the American Idol tour where you will HEADLINE THAT BEEE-OTCH because you will be the American Idol,  I have an offer for you.

Swing by my condo in Bound Brook, New Jersey and I'll give you a FREE FERRET!!!  Here's the deal.  My ferret, Fantasia, is about to give birth.  I am willing to give you one of the babies!!!  Currently, the babies are gonna be mine, but if you wanna be my babies daddy, let me know!!!  I'm a few blocks down from the Carvel."

A Young Archuleta?

Straight Guys for David Archuleta reader Nixon F writes:

"Let me start off by saying that this season was the first season of American Idol that I have ever seen and I was immediately smitten (not in that way silly) by the out of this world talent that comes pouring out of David Archuleta!  My grandchildren even think that I looked like D.A. when I was younger, in the Navy, and still dating their Grandmother (God Rest Her Soul).  

Do you see the resemblance? I don't.  David is a far better looking young lad.  Don't ya think?

As we used to say in my sailor days, he who sings like a young bird will wake up with his beak in all the right places!  Take it to the bank David Archuleta!  You will be idol forever!  This is from your oldest SGFDA, Nixon.  Age 82.

All Dressed Up For David Archuleta!

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Alex V, of Del Ray Beach, Florida writes: 

"Not only do I think David Archuleta will be the next American Idol, but he's gonna get so many more babes than David Cook would EVER get.  I went to my local costume shop and used part of my tax rebate (Thanks President Bush!!) and bought this costume of what I think David Cook looks like!  HA HA LOL.  He's ugly!!  He's got a big nose!    

Go David!  Go David!  Woot Woot!" 

Nice Party!! Where was MY invite??

Lupe from Granite Bay, California writes:

"So, the other day, I'm hanging out with my friends at our annual Nurses in Bikinis house party (see photo) and I bet my friend that David Archuleta would win American Idol.  He was a big fan of Michael Johns.  Anyway, he started smoking pot and then doing shots of something called a Cherry Bomb.  He got so wasted that he stripped down to just his jeans and tried to kiss my feet. (thinking the bet was over and he lost!!)   What's funny is, the best wasn't for him to kiss my feet, it was to give me a massage!  He is so gay.  By the way, that chick in the picture is his sister!  Oh yeah.  I banged her.  Go D.A.  You rock!  Straight guys for David Archuleta is the bomb!"

Watch out David Cook, this SGFDA has a nasty right hook!

Straight Guys for David Archuleta reader Larry "Knux" O'Donnell of Flint, Michigan writes:

"David Cook better watch his ass.  David Archuleta is the next American Idol!  If that little pansy boy Cook some how pulls out an upset, I will find a shirt to put on, tighten my watch band, and mess up his pretty boy hair and face with my trust brass knux.  FYI:  I nicknamed my brass knux "The Knux-alettas" in honor of my boy and yours, David Archuleta!!"

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Ricky (says to David Archuleta) You're So Fine!!!

Straight guy for David Archuleta reader Ricky V. writes:

"He made it! He made it! He made it!! David Archuleta made it to the top 10!!!!!! Straight guys rejoice!!! Our boy is now...the MAN!!! Ryan was so F'n right! Get used to the babes screaming your name, because soon, it won't be just us straight guys screaming for ya!!! (in a totally straight way, like dude, you rock). Soon the chicks will be all up in that yo!

Don't think I'm telling you the truth?  S**t due, listen to this!  See the hottie in the picture I attached?  That's my woman.  Say it with me!  WUUUUU-MAN.  A few years ago, I was young and and having trouble meeting girls, but I made some changes!  

First, I got myself a dog!  Her name is Lucifer, and trust me, when we walk.  The hotties stare.  Second, I realized that I needed to start over with my look.  I trimmed my beard and cut off my dreads.  Then I went out and bought myself a pair of black leather boots.  I am not saying the boots did all the work, but the third night I wore my boots to karaoke night, I met my girl and lost my virginity to her on my velvet couch.  

Anyway, D.A., if you are reading this, it's all good in the hood brother!  Not only will you become the next American Idol, but you will be rollin with the hotties.   Love ya man, in a straight guy way!  Love this site to!!!  Hope the shoulder feels better SGFDA.  

One last night.  I have a bet with my girl.  If I win, I get sex every night for a week!  I think she looks like Clay Aiken when he auditioned.  She doesn't think she looks like Clay.  What do you think??  Comment!!!!  I wanna get some booty.

David Archuleta is in the top 10!!!!

This just in!  David Archueleta has made it to the American Idol top 10!! Straight guys, that means that David will be on the American Idol live tour!  Only the top 10 makes it to the tour.  If you are a straight guy for David Archuleta, be proud of him because he is on his way to be the NEXT American Idol.  

Also, I wanted to apologize for not updating this site more frequently.  As many of you know, I recently broke my shoulder in a basketball accident.  While I was by myself when I fell, I was shooting hoops, so don't call me gay.  

I recently started physical therapy, and honestly, dealing with the pain of my shoulder, and the stress of watching American Idol and waiting for the results after last week's rough performance has been a lot for me to deal with.  David Archuleta is still alive!!  

Ok, it's time to go to bed and dream about the American Idol top 10...INCLUDING David Archuleta!!!  Now, before you start to think I'm not straight, the type of dream I am talking about is one where David and I are hanging out, checking out Brooke White's ass, while drinking shots of tequila, and reading Sports Illustrated.  

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Straight Guys Rejoice! Our David is safe!

I fell asleep last night and missed the elimination show on Idol.  When I woke up, I heard that David had been sent home.  My first reaction?   Crap!  I put all this time into this website and he's off the show!!!  When I found out that David Hernandez was the one to get the boot, I was THRILLED!!!   
Let's compare the two David's.  Hernandez, singer, male stripper, male lapdances, off American Idol.  Archuleta, singer, male, too young to get a lap dance, still on American Idol.  
It goes to show you that maybe morals do matter when it comes to what America wants in an Idol.  If you want to know what America wants in a lap dance, ask David Hernandez.  He's got some free time on his hands.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No BLT for me!

Ok, Straight Guys for David Archuleta...we have to be honest.  Last night, David didn't hit a home run. In fact, he committed the cardinal sin.  David forgot the words to his song.  All together now, "It wasn't a good performance."

Luckily for D.A., straight guys across the country love him!  He should be able to sneak through to the top 11.  It wouldn't shock this straight guy to see him land in the bottom two.

What can we do now?  We can pass the message above, around to everybody we know to inspire others.  I am not 100% sure what the message means, but it contains to words "forgetful," "entertain," "entertained," and "Hebrews."

Last night David was all of the above except a Hebrew.  I have that part covered and to help inspire David on to greatness, I suggest all straight guys for David Archuleta stop eating pork until he hits the top 10!  We can do it!!   

Monday, March 10, 2008

The next American Idol??? Not yet say Randy and Paula!

MTV has a story about American Idol and in the article,  Randy and Paula say David Archuleta isn't a lock to win!

I know that you straight guys for David Archuleta feel differently!  That is why you are here, right?

We're here!  We're not queer!  Cheers to D.A., now let's drink a beer!!

Hot Chick of the Day!!!

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Raj K. writes:

"My girlfriend Sheila thinks this is a bad picture of her.  You are a straight guy for David Archuleta.  What do you think?"

Well, if I'm being honest here (I sound like Simon), I find this picture to be dreadful.  I'm not sure that being  upside down, in the ever so sexy "look, I'm dead and bloated" position is the best look for her. 

I really need better submissions for the Hot Chick of the Day feature.  If not, I am going to get rid of it and never look back.  Oh by the way, are those Seven jeans?  No?  Ohhh, they are 22's?  

The Bald, The Beautiful, The Straight for Archuleta

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Seth W. writes:
"I am writing in because I wanted to see if the people who are writing in are for real.  My name is Seth and I am from Hartford, CT.  My friends give me crap for watching American Idol.  I don't have the guts to tell them that I like David Archuleta.  It's nice to know that there are others out there like me who can appreciate a sensitive young boy with a voice sent from god himself.  Also, another reason I am writing in is because my old lady was going through a box of old pictures and she found a picture of me when I was D.A.'s age.   She thinks I look like him.   That should get me some action!  BOOOOO-YAAAAAHHHH.  I'd write more but I wanna go watch Ellen.  I have it on Tivo.  Yup.  This straight guy is for Ellen as well as David Archuleta."

Spitzer or Swallow.

Today, news broke that New York Governor, Elliot Spitzer was implicated in a prostitution ring.  "Number 9" as he is being referred to supposedly had a high class hooker sent from Washington, DC to New York City.  At the end of the encounter, the Governor gave the woman (not pictured to the right) almost $5000.  

Now, for the record, I think prostitution should be made legal.  Nobody is forced to buy canned corn.  Nobody would ever be forced to buy a prostitute.  Disease?  If you are one of the lucky ones who has caught the flu this season, I doubt you got it from a hooker.   You know why?  You aren't Elliot Spitzer! You didn't buy a hooker!  You are a straight guy for David Archuleta!  You aren't a straight guy who needs to pay for sex.  Leave that to the leaders of our country.

What makes this scandal so great is that Governor Spitzer has been shown to be a hypocrite of republican standards.  Now, I know all republicans aren't hypocrites, but Spitzer is the first Democrat in a long time to get caught up in a sex scandal.  I doubt that Democrats are any less kinky than Republicans.  I just think that more Democrats are better at covering their asses. (unlike the hooker in the picture above)

Spitzer has gone after all sorts of morality issues.  He has gone after the radio industry.  He has busted prostitution rings.  He put himself out there as Captain Good Guy, but in the end, he turned out to be a dirtbag just like most of us.  

I've never paid for sex.  The thing is, we all have some sort of secret thing that we've done and we hope nobody ever finds out about.  Sadly, we live in a world where we are told that doing things behind closed doors that others wouldn't accept makes you a bad person.  

I don't care what you do behind closed doors.   Just don't make yourself out to be the judge and jury of what's wrong and what's right, because eventually, somebody is going to find out that you paid for sex, fondled a chimp, or took a picture up an old ladies dress while she shopped for croutons in the salad dressing isle at the grocery store. 

The day that happens, you will know what it's like to be the rest of us.  No, not because we're fondling animals or violating old ladies.  You will feel like the rest of us, because you will know what it's like to be judged.

Sorry for getting so serious.  Go David Archuleta.  Elliot Spitzer, go to hell.

The ladies love my 13 inches!!!

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Ed E. writes:

"I just celebrated two big anniversaries in my life.  The first is that I just turned 28 years old.  The second is that last Thursday marked one year that I have been living in my own apartment!  As a straight guy, it was always hard to convince the babes to come back to my place when my place was also my parents place, and my grandparents place. My mommy is a caregiver for the elderly, so when my pop pop and nanny grams couldn't take care of themselves, they moved into the guest bedroom.  While I was always looked at as being sensitive for staying so close to my family, I wasn't looked at as the straight guy sex machine that I always knew I was on the inside.  Ok, so now that I am on my own, I like to invite the ladies over to my place every night to watch tv.  When it comes to getting action, I don't think it should come as any surprise that I get the most action on American Idol nights.  Straight guys, here is a tip.  Tell the chicks you bring back to your place that you like David Archuleta, and that futon won't stay in couch position for long if you know what I am talking about.  That kid is booty gold.  I love David Archuleta and I am not ashamed to admit it!  Oh by the way, I am saving my money and I'm only a few months (maybe 9) away from being able to up my game by buying a second pair of designer jeans, a new belt buckle, and a flat screen TV to replace my current 13 incher.  No big deal though, because the chicks dig my 13 incher.  Yeah baby, do I make you horny?  Love Austin Powers!  Love David Archuleta!"

Um.  Mommy? 

Friday, March 7, 2008

The real Hot Chick of the Day??

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Gene C from Dickson City, Pennsylvania writes:

"Yo!  You straight guys for David Archuleta, I read the most recent post with that chick with the big ass hair and ugly dress.  The girl Thundercat was brought up.  As a straight guy for David Archuleta, and a HUGE MEGA Thundercats fan, I wanted to tell you that the female Thundercat has a name, not just a nice rack.  Her name is Cheetara and for a Thundercat, she was smoking hot.  I think she should be the hot chick of the day.  I mean, dudes, check out that hot blonde hair, the toned sexy legs, the rockin porno boots, and a rack that would make Smurfette jealous!  (I got a thing for cartoon chicks.)  This one time, at bandcamp...just joking.   Love the site!  D.A. all the way!!"

**Editors note** The hot chick of the day will not be a cartoon girl.  Sometimes freaky is too freaky in my opinion.  Also, WTF does the bandcamp joke have to do with anything?**

Final 12!!!

Last night, David Archuleta made it to the final 12!  
Here's to you!!!  Some Straight Guy shades for being a cool guy and one talented Mother F**cker.

FYI:  David is only 17 years old.  If he were 21, I would have said "cheers" with an icy cold Bud.  The beer us straight guys love more than sex.

Instead, he gets these Oakleys!  

Straight Guys Unite!  Keep voting for David Archuleta to be the next American Idol!!!!! 

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Going home? I hope not!!

Tonight, David Archuleta could go home on American Idol, but as leader of the Straight Guys for David Archuleta revolution, I have to say that if he does go home tonight after the performance he delivered this week, there is NO WAY he should go home.

If he does go home, I will launch a new website:


Good Luck David, from all the Straight Guys for David Archuleta!!

Hot Chick Of the Day??

I've been getting a lot of e-mails for this site.  If you have any questions or comments about, send them to:

A few days ago, I posted a hot chick of the day.  I am not sure this will become a regular feature of this website, but if you are going to submit a picture, please make it good.  

No offense to Mike M, from South Sacramento, but your submission (see picture) for Hot Chick of the Day, was not for real, was it?  I understand that to somebody, she may be a catch, but most straight guys have an unofficial rule.  We're not attracted to a woman who's drink almost matches her dress.  Also, I'm not trying to be rude, but if she goes out of the house with the hair on her HEAD looking like that, can you imagine the jungle of fun that lurks in the darker regions of her personal vacation location...if you know what I mean?  

Am I the only one who is more attracted to the girl Thundercat?  

On behalf of all Straight Guys For David Archuleta, I officially denounce and reject your submission for Hot Chick of the Day.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Something in common with everybody!

Straight Guy For David Archuleta reader Tino K writes:

"Every season I have something in common with somebody from American Idol!  My last name is Kelly, just like Kelly Clarkson.  I used to weigh over 500lbs like Ruben Studdard.  People often think I am gay, like Clay because I have a thing for purple polo shirts (I am straight though).  I am a delivery guy for a lumber supply store, so I am always carrying wood.  When it's on my shoulder, I'm under wood,  Just like Carrie Underwood.  See?  Oh there is more!  All of my body hair (except on my head) is gray like Taylor Hicks.  My favorite football team is the New York (world champs) Giants.  Jordan's dad played for my team!  

Tonight, I found out that I have something in common with David Archuleta (this straight guy's favorite!!!).  We both play the piano!!!!!  (see the attached photo for proof).  

So, this season, for the first time since season two, I have something in common with TWO contestants!!!  I play the piano like (my favorite) David Archuleta, and my middle name is Chikezie. 

Thanks for the site and a big thanks for giving a voice to all of the straight guys for David Archuleta.  Gotta go now.  I need to shine up my kicks.  I got a smudge of mud on the top of my right shoe today while dropping off some 2X4's to some smokin' babe who needed wood."

Wanna hang out in paradise??

It's Another Day for You and Me (and a bunch of chicks in bikinis) in Paradise

I gotta know.  Am I the only straight guy out there to hear David Archuleta sing "Another Day In Paradise" and think to themselves...

"I would LOVE to be stuck in paradise with David Archuleta!"

Of course, we'd have a ton of hot chicks, beer, and a barrel of NERF footballs at our disposal."

Gay Male Stripper? No, not David Archuleta, but David...

If you missed the news, it surfaced today, that Idol contestant David Hernandez was a stripper at a club called "Dick's Cabaret!"  Not only was David a stripper, but he was a stripper who got FULLY NUDE!  

Where would you put the money?  Ok, don't answer that.

As the story goes, David had the right look and made a lot of money giving men fully nude lap dances.

Let me make it clear that this is not a homophobic website.  In fact, this website is the exact opposite.  I am trying to show the world that you don't have to be gay to support a sensitive sounding singer like David Archuleta.

On the other hand, I am fairly certain that you have to have some level of gayness in you to swing your happy parts in a bar full of men.  There are rumors that women also frequented "Dick's Cabaret", but the last time I checked, and trust me, I've asked, women typically don't like seeing guys dance around naked.

The female body is sexy when it's naked.  The male body is floppy and awkward.  Today, I described the naked male body as a muppet.  Furry and floppy.  

Ok, that's enough talk about the naked male genitalia.  I need to get my straight on.  I'm gonna go work out.  There is an eliptical machine with my name on it at the gym.

Hot Activity of the Day

I am not sure if we will update the Hot Activity of the Day everyday, but as a straight man, I wanted to put this out there for other SGFDA.

Pilates is hot.  

FYI: American Idol tonight!  Make sure you vote for David Archuleta!!!!  

An oldie but a goodie!

Straight Guy for David Archeleta reader Clark W writes:

"I'm a reporter for a local tv station and when I saw your website, I was THRILLED!  As an American Idol fan, and a straight man who is a fan of David Archuleta, I feel like this site is totally needed!  Ironically, today, I was out searching for the oldest fan of David.  I found him!  His name is Hubert, and I found him walking through the park this afternoon.  He told me I was a pretty little girl and that he wanted to grab my pumpkins.  I wasn't sure what that means, so I asked him to repeat himself.  He opened his jacket and flashed his genitals at me.  I'll be honest, I wasn't turned on.  I am straight after all.  The craziest thing is that just above his twig and berries, freshly written in marker, it said, 'I LOVE GIRLS AND I LOVE DAVID ARCHULETA BASED ONLY ON HIS SINGING TALENT.'  That's right!  Hubert is also a straight guy for David Archuleta!!!!"  

I wish I could say this story was shocking, but we are getting reports of many elderly, straight men, writing messages of support to DA on their bodies.  David Archuleta is the Idol contestant for young and old straight men!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

He is no 40 year old virgin.

Straight Guys reader Vito G. from White Plains, New York writes:

"Yo D.A. fans!  You don't get no straighter than this!  Not to brag, but I banged her. "

Way to go Vito!  Is her right hand impaled into your chest????  Also, nice shirt.  I have one just like it, but mine is yellow and has no stripes. 

A Gambling Man!

Straight Guys for David Archuleta reader Zach B, from Butte, Montana writes:

"I just found this site and I am glad that I am not alone. I'd bet my top hat and my right, straight guy, testicle that David Archuleta will be the next American Idol."

Thanks for the message Zach! By the way, do you tweaze your eyebrows? Just curious!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

David, watch out for the claws!!!!

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Cody C. from Cherry Hill, NJ writes:

"I am not sure if D.A. actually reads this website, but if he does, he should take a look at the lady in this picture!  Have you heard the term cougar?  This is my cougar!  Her name is Katie, and we met online a few weeks ago.  I just turned 20.  She just turned 40, and says she looks pretty much the same.  (This is her most current pic) 

David, when you win American Idol, you are gonna have all the cougars trying to sink their claws into you!  (and other things they might want to sink into you ROFLMAO HAHAHA)  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Later straight doods for David Archaleta!!"

Supporting David Archuleta is a family affair!

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Chet M, from just outside of Green Bay writes:

"My co-workers at the plant also laughed at me when I told them I had voted for David Archuleta.  The word gay was used.  They can think what they want to think about my sexuality because of my open support for D.A., but the truth is, I am straight and have been married 6 times.  In fact, the attached photo is of my 9 children.  If you notice, they are all boys!  That's right, my sperm doesn't make girls.  That's how much of a man I am.  I breed only tough, masculine men.  That's why most of my kids brave the cold, winter weather in tank tops. "
Email Straight Guy For David Archuleta

The Little Giant....David Archuleta?

Straight guy for David Archuleta reader Rodney sent us this picture:

"Hey straight guys for David Archuleta, I just bought myself one of those Little Giant ladders that you see on television.  Dudes!  Trust me when I say that this ladder is cooler than Levis.  I immediately started doing projects around the neighborhood with my wife (also straight).  This picture is actually of me and my chick cleaning the windows of our neighbors who are on vacation.  After we finished up, I started set my Little Giant up on the sidewalk and stood on the platform for more than three hours just to see if it supported my 210 lb frame.  (I've been pumping iron lately).  The Little Giant didn't fail me!  After going inside, I rewatched David Archuleta's performance from this week's American Idol!  The kid is a Little Giant of entertainment!  Rock out with your C**ks out straight guys!  Love the website!" 

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are you sure you are straight?

Straight Guy for David Archuleta reader Mike R. from Rocklin, California writes:

"I think David Archuleta is a great singer, and he's cute like an Ewok.  David Rules!  Jedi Rules!"

Thanks for the e-mail Mike R.  Are you sure you are straight?  Jedi?  If you say so.  I like Empire Strikes Back over Jedi ANY day.  Any other straight guys agree? 

At least we can agree on one thing.  D.A. is a great singer!

Wicket can suck it!!

We got a hot one here tonight!!!!

This girl has something in common with our boy David Archuleta and his performance last night on American Idol.

To quote our favorite dawg Randy Jackson, they are both "HOT!"

FYI: David's performance was hot.  David is a dude.  I am a dude.  Straight dudes are not here to drool over anything but the talent that drips from the soul of David Archuleta, the next American Idol!

The endorsement is official!

This out of the American Idol camp:

"Contestant David Archuleta officially endorses Barak Obama for President of the United States of America."

Sources close to David say that he looks forward to voting in the 2012 Presidential election when he will be legally old enough to vote.

David, while you wait for your chance to vote, I, along with all of the other straight guys out there will continue to vote for you!  Our mission is to make you the next American Idol!!!

Sexist Website???

Hillary Clinton's campaign has contacted this website.  They have questioned our focus on straight guys and support of American Idol contestant David Archuleta.  

"Shame on you Straight Guys for David Archuleta, shame on you.  The tactics you are using to push your masculine /heterosexual agenda is setting women's rights back by 50 years!  It shouldn't matter if you are a guy or a gal!  If you love David Archuleta, you should let the world know it!  My record stands for itself.  I have voted for David Archuleta during the past two weeks of American Idol.  When I become the next President of the United States of America, I will invite David Archuleta to the White House and if he has to pee, it won't matter what bathroom he goes into, because when I'm President, every bathroom in the White House will be unisex!"

Love this man!!

The website has only been up and running for a few hours and already I have received the first e-mail from another straight guy for David Archuleta!  

Meet Fred.  Fred is 32, straight, for David Archuleta, and obviously comfortable enough with his sexuality to post his photo in the middle of this 4th grade art class style project without fear of ridicule!  Maybe on another site you would get made fun of Fred, but not at  

Fred writes "this morning I woke up in a good mood after hearing David Archuleta singing Imagine on American Idol last night!  I grabbed favorite drinking fleece and put it on.  (It still smells like last weekends trip to the pub where my friends and I looked at girls with big knockers) Then I took this picture using my kick ass 8.0 megapixal Cannon camera!"

Fred, this Bud's for you!  Go David Archuleta!!!  Also, can you let me know where to get a fleece like that??  I need a new one!  My current drinking fleece has some cigar burns in the sleeve.

Three things us straight guys know to be true!

You are a straight guy.  You watch American Idol.  There is nothing to be ashamed of here!

You are confident of a few things in this world.  You are into chicks.  You love the Home Depot.  You are man enough to tell the world that David Archuleta will be the next American Idol!