Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No BLT for me!

Ok, Straight Guys for David Archuleta...we have to be honest.  Last night, David didn't hit a home run. In fact, he committed the cardinal sin.  David forgot the words to his song.  All together now, "It wasn't a good performance."

Luckily for D.A., straight guys across the country love him!  He should be able to sneak through to the top 11.  It wouldn't shock this straight guy to see him land in the bottom two.

What can we do now?  We can pass the message above, around to everybody we know to inspire others.  I am not 100% sure what the message means, but it contains to words "forgetful," "entertain," "entertained," and "Hebrews."

Last night David was all of the above except a Hebrew.  I have that part covered and to help inspire David on to greatness, I suggest all straight guys for David Archuleta stop eating pork until he hits the top 10!  We can do it!!   

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