Monday, May 19, 2008

Nice Party!! Where was MY invite??

Lupe from Granite Bay, California writes:

"So, the other day, I'm hanging out with my friends at our annual Nurses in Bikinis house party (see photo) and I bet my friend that David Archuleta would win American Idol.  He was a big fan of Michael Johns.  Anyway, he started smoking pot and then doing shots of something called a Cherry Bomb.  He got so wasted that he stripped down to just his jeans and tried to kiss my feet. (thinking the bet was over and he lost!!)   What's funny is, the best wasn't for him to kiss my feet, it was to give me a massage!  He is so gay.  By the way, that chick in the picture is his sister!  Oh yeah.  I banged her.  Go D.A.  You rock!  Straight guys for David Archuleta is the bomb!"

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