Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Little Giant....David Archuleta?

Straight guy for David Archuleta reader Rodney sent us this picture:

"Hey straight guys for David Archuleta, I just bought myself one of those Little Giant ladders that you see on television.  Dudes!  Trust me when I say that this ladder is cooler than Levis.  I immediately started doing projects around the neighborhood with my wife (also straight).  This picture is actually of me and my chick cleaning the windows of our neighbors who are on vacation.  After we finished up, I started set my Little Giant up on the sidewalk and stood on the platform for more than three hours just to see if it supported my 210 lb frame.  (I've been pumping iron lately).  The Little Giant didn't fail me!  After going inside, I rewatched David Archuleta's performance from this week's American Idol!  The kid is a Little Giant of entertainment!  Rock out with your C**ks out straight guys!  Love the website!" 

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